My guest podcast appearance

So I had a blast chatting with the LOTRO Reporter folks last week, their latest episode (episode 15)  is posted on their website. We covered a bunch of different topics but a good bit on Wardens and how I got started with them, Legendary Item legacy pool discussion, beta in general, and also my experiences in Beta.  Certainly if you’re not listening to their podcast I definitely recommend it, as they always have lots of good information.  Plus it is a good distraction as you wait for the servers to come up for Mirkwood!

Also, they’re the founders of the Cor Pethroni kinship over on Brandywine which is a kin for anyone who wants to hang out with some of the podcasters and bloggers.  I’ve got a couple toons over there and it is a fun group to run with.


2 responses to “My guest podcast appearance

  1. Oh I can’t can’t wait to check it out. With the two extra character slots I’ve considered trying a warden out and you’re tops on my lists for warden smarts. Hopefully I will learn a thing or two before jumping into wardening.

    • yeah, I haven’t decided if I’m going to play other toons or just use them as kinship fillers… But you certainly know where to find me with warden questions if you have them.

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