Digesting the patch notes

Holy cow, there are a lot of them however they are broken up into quite a few bite-sized chunks.  And most of them are things already covered in depth in their Developer Diaries.  Things like:

all have been covered quite well and commented on here.  So I’m skipping past that and am going to highlight some other notes I thought were interesting.  However there are a ton of notes, so please check them out for yourself while you’re waiting for the servers.

  • Radiance changes
    • It now takes 8 gloom to start to cower as opposed to 5
    • Radiance no longer counters death dread, only instance gloom
  • Preparing for War – The races of Middle-earth have been preparing for war, improving their offensive and defensive capabilities.
    • Hobbits have been taking extra practice at throwing stones. Their improved aim means they now have a chance to daze their targets with a well-placed rock.
    • Humans have been training to improve their hand-to-hand skills. As a result they have become somewhat adept at dazing opponents with well-placed uppercuts.
    • Dwarves have been sparring in taverns throughout their lands to measure their worth. As a result they have become skilled at landing a headbutt that is well-placed and hard enough to potentially daze their opponent.
    • The Elves have been improving their defensive skills. As a result they have become more adept at deflecting some incoming damage when inspired by Eldar’s Grace
  • Quite a few class specific changes
  • Lots of Monster play changes, including diminishing returns on all crowd control.
  • Fixed a lot of the issues with mis-labeling items on the Auction House
  • All sorts of UI changes
    • main one here for me is the ability to activate a skill from the char panel – handy for ports and less frequently used skills
    • UI Skinning improvements
      • Also expanded the UI save options
  • Very nice chat feature – “Stop repeated keys in chat” which is under the “Chat” options and prevents you from spamming wwwwwwwwww like we’ve all done before
  • Instance barter changes – each instance in a cluster (Moria, Lorien, Mirkwood) will now drop medallions from each boss and challenge quests that can be bartered for either armor or legendary items.
  • The Ornate gate key from Carn Cum is now lootable by everyone in your group (pretty darn handy!)
  • Quite a few crafting changes – some are in the dev diary.  But the notes appear to be more specific.
  • Lots of quest related changes

    3 responses to “Digesting the patch notes

    1. It should be that way for all keys, though. At launch.

    2. Nice, looking forward to playing some LOTRO tonight when I get home from work. BTW, love the new look for the site!

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