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Great walkthrough for Barad Gularan

Many thanks to Azz for writing up this detailed explanation of Barad Gularan (BG) as this is still probably my favorite instance in all of LOTRO.  I highly recommend running this instance, and if you can do it at 50 it is a really good preparation for Moria instances.  There’s a good mixture of tough mobs, tricky bosses, and the end boss Udinion can be a very challenging fight.  It requires quite a bit of coordination, knowledge (which Azz has provided), quick reflexes, and a little luck (or just not bad-luck).  You may have also have noticed this is the sight of my kin’s epic battle with Amarthiel in these screenshots.

Full article over at Casual Stroll to Mordor.

Also, if you haven’t already check out the guest-writer’s blog – The Wizzard of Azz.

Good grouping guide

This was just recently posted on the live boards, but overall I think this is a good resource – especially for those new to the game or MMOs in general.  He does a good job of explaining not only the mechanics but also the terminology which for many cause all sorts of confusion.

Even for seasoned players there’s some good info in there as a reminder of some of the things we should be doing but sometimes forget or are just too lazy.  I find a lot of these points are really critical when doing the 3-mans and I’m sure with skirmishes they will become even more important as there’s more potential to group and more things going on.

Rain’s Guide to Grouping

LOTRO Forums Discussion

I did post on the LOTRO boards correcting his LS+IHW statement and pointed him to some of my other posts to fill in the warden section.

Morning amusement – WoW too hard

So I was reading through all my morning news and noticed this story, “WoW not easy enough” from the Ancient Gaming Noob and I couldn’t help reading it.  Essentially this individual is suing Blizzard for their game being too hard and causing unnecessary pain and frustration to our poor plaintiff.  I really wish there was some way to punish people who not only file such frivolous lawsuits but the lawyers who support them!

I had some longer rant about forum petitions, gamers demanding things from developers, and the like – but I think it was just a lack of caffeine talking.  So I’m going to get some coffee and maybe post more later.

As an aside, certainly check out the Ancient Gaming Noob if you haven’t as there’s a ton of good stuff there!