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Siege of Mirkwood Interview with Jeffrey Steefel

Ok, so nothing terribly ground breaking here (seems a little old, but I hadn’t seen it until today) – but there is some good general information and some very slick eye-candy!

A few more Mirkwood snaps

First off, with the overhaul of the UI my current one is completely hosed.  Luckily, I just happen to follow the LOTRO Interface RSS feed and noticed the Multibar Clean Toolbar UI.  This only works with the Mirkwood client, but for me I really like it as it is nice and clean.  Notice the buttons on the bottom are customizable just like the normal UI – I’m not sure I’ll stick with those, but I’ll usually either have my whole inventory up or just the first bag.

UI snap

I also decided to check out one of the survival skirmishes – sadly the only one I had access to was the small fellowship one, but figured I’d give it a go.  Sadly real-life was not cooperative and I didn’t get very far, but it is a very cool idea that I can’t wait to check out more once live hits.


Starting the skirmish Yes I failed...

I’ll also include some stat comparisons, which aren’t 100% accurate as my legendaries from live and bullroarer aren’t quite exact nor are my traits.  However, I did notice that on live I’m at 19% incoming melee so I’ll have to figure out what I’ll dump to get back down to the cap.  Most likely it will be runes/settings but I haven’t decided yet.

Live stats:


Current Live Stats

Bullroarer (mainly the thing to look at here is the UI and morale jump)


Defenses Combat Effectiveness Melee/Ranged/Tactical

Euro WarCry Dev Chat

So I’m quoting this link from Casual Stroll to Mordor, but I wanted to comment on a couple  questions in particular as I agree with them there wasn’t anything real exciting:

WarCry {Ez0}Honvik: 5. Why is the new Raid Armour Purple and not Teal? (someone in my Kin asked me to ask that)
ZombieColumbus: In the past, we have gotten burned by giving out the best possible gear our game could generate with the initial release. This immedietly makes itemizing further instances impossible. The advantage of holding back like this, is that the jump between our subsequent raid sets will be more noticable.

WarCry Validor-SoG: Hi, Could you please confirm if we are to see Teal Armour sets and 1st Age Weapons in the next book update?
Jalessa: You may see incomparable rewards through completion of hard-modes for the Dol Guldur instances. However, level 65 first age legendaries will not be available immediately with launch of Siege of Mirkwood. We plan on introducing them in a future update.

So the take-away here is that there is better raid gear coming, although honestly it really couldn’t get much worse 😉  It is encouraging that there are incomparable (orange) drops in Hard-modes!  Will be curious to see when we get access to the new gear and 1st ages…

Full transcript is over here.