More Dragon Age DLC

Yes, I rolled another toon on DA:O this week – a dual wielding warrior as I really want to see if this will actually work now that I know a little more about the game.

This was announced earlier in the week but I didn’t quite catch it nor really follow what was going on.  But Bioware has announced not only a new download pack coming this holiday season but an in-game reward item.  The pack is the Retrun to Ostagar and allows you to meet up with one of the survivors (would be cool if it is Duncan, but I highly doubt it) and also re-claim the king’s armor and weapons.  I’m pretty excited about the armor as it looks awesome, and I’m going to get it to play through the stories.  I loved the Warden’s Keep and the Golem stuff was pretty fun too – even though I don’t use Shale that much in my party.

Also announced was that if you buy the game before Nov. 30th, you’ll receive a bonus dagger, called “The Edge.”  After reading through the boards, it appears that the easiest way to get these is to manually download them and use the DA updater.  You can also grab “The Wicked Oath” and the “Mark of Vigilance.”   Follow the links below to download the files, the bring up the DA Updater which is in your install directory.

The Wicked Oath – Ring – +1 armor penetration, +1 stamina regen, +10% crit/backstab

Mark of Vigilance – Amulet – +6 defense, +2% spell resistance, +5 mental resistance

The Edge – Dagger, 26 Dex – +5 damage, +3% crit, +4 attack, 2 enchantment slots

Worked for me, and now I have those items available – and they’re pretty nice items!

It does feel a little like they’re trying to nickel and dime us here with the add-ons, but I really enjoyed the other ones and $5 is a pretty decent price point for me.  So I can see it both ways, but I will be buying Return to Ostagar once it is out.


6 responses to “More Dragon Age DLC

  1. Five dollars isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, but I worry that Bioware is going to release little bits of DLC like this on a consistent basis at five bucks a pop. Eventually us gamers will spend as much on DLC as we did on the game.

  2. Having so much DLC released with the game and so soon after it was released is starting to bug me. My cynical side is starting to wonder if anything was cut from the original game (which is admittedly huge) and pushed to DLC purely for business reasons.

    DLC aside, it really bugs me that Bioware didn’t allow for patching straight from the game launcher. It sucks that I have to download files from the forum and then dig into the install folder to run an updated. MMO’s must have me spoiled.

    • yeah, the patching and DLC downloads are pretty annoying – why they couldn’t put the updater in the launcher is beyond me.

      It will be interesting to see how they continue with the DLC, but I agree that it does seem this is something that should’ve been in game and was pushed out to hit launch day.

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