Mirkwood Skill upgrades

So I’ve already knocked this and posted my thoughts but Turbine has posted a dev diary on this topic.  Essentially it sounds like they just had too much on their plates to get everything done, and something had to slip.  I still don’t like it and am generally disappointed by this but hopefully there’s more stuff coming with Volume 3.   Not to mention, I still think most of these are crap if not skills we should be getting for free – I’m looking at you warden/hunter port.

Anyway, I do appreciate them trying to explain their position and the thought process behind it – take a read over here.


One response to “Mirkwood Skill upgrades

  1. I have to agree about not liking how Turbine did the port for Hunters and Wardens. Why not let players buy is at lvl 62 at full price or reduce the price as a player gain more rep. This way if you had the money you could just buy the port no matter your rep level but if you wanted to save some coin then gain rep and get the port at a reduced price.. maybe next expansion.

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