Dev Diary – Legendary Pools

So the official pool breakdowns are posted for all the classes.  Overall, I think the changes are a good step – the system isn’t totally fixed but you have a better chance of knowing early whether your LI will be worth keeping around.  The legacies from Pool A will be chosen from at the initial identify with a small chance of them happening on the 10-30 reforges, with all other reforge legacies coming from Pool B.  And the 40-60 reforges are upgrades on the legacy tier.  One thing that was answered in beta (assuming it hasn’t changed) is that those 40-60 reforges will not grant new legacies even if you have all tier 6’s on your item.  The thought process being that with the tier upgrade scrolls, it is a little too easy to grind those out to get everything maxed out and “abuse” the system.

The diary starts here walking through all the classes – link. Warden specific are here – link. But I figured I’d post them and add my thoughts on them as well.

Javelin Pool A

  • Determination In Combat Morale Regeneration (changed)
  • Conservation In Combat Power Regeneration (changed)
  • Dark Before Dawn Power Restored
  • Celebration of Skill Healing
  • Restoration Morale Healed
  • Dance of War Evade Rating
  • Safeguard Healing
  • Heal bonus for Conviction
  • Power Safeguard Gambit Line (New)

Javelin Pool B

  • Shield Piercer Duration
  • Careful Step Duration
  • Forced March Max Power Penalty
  • Shield Mastery Block Rating
  • Resolution Resist Rating
  • Ambush and Careful Step Induction
  • Reduced To-Hit Movement penalty for Javelin Skills
  • Duration Adroit Maneuver (new)
  • Duration Warden’s Triumph (new)

Melee Weapon Pool A

  • Exultation of Battle Threat
  • Mighty Blow Damage
  • Wages of Fear Positional Damage
  • Recklessness Attack Duration
  • Wall of Steel Parry Rating
  • Piercing Strike Threat
  • Spear of Virtue Threat
  • War Cry Threat
  • Power Fierce Resolve Gambit Line (new)

Melee Weapon Pool B

  • Javelin Toss Range (buffed)
  • Ambush Critical Multiplier
  • Critical Strike Critical Multiplier
  • Spear of Virtue Damage
  • Surety of Death Damage Over Time
  • Hampering Javelin Duration
  • Boar’s Rush Critical Rating
  • Onslaught Damage
  • Power, Power Attack Gambit Line (New)

So, first the new/changed ones.  Our 2 regen buffs now have a lower starting value but a MUCH higher end value.  On my javelin the values ranged from 48.4 – 94.8 (60 2nd Age) on ICPR and 77.6 – 175.6 (55 3rd).  The javelin toss range now applies to all jav skills, not just our default toss.  And for the ones that say some line, the power reduction applies to that whole chain of gambits – so the tier 3 through tier 5.  The range for these reductions are from 1% to 10% power reduction on the gambit itself.

The power reductions are nice, but really our main power drain is on the builders so it is a nice bone, but really won’t make that big of a difference for us.

Overall I do like the changes, I guess how much I like them will depend on how rare those Pool A legacies are on the reforges as there are 9 legacies in Pool A.  Basically I’ll go for a threat club for the attack speed debuff and a damage spear or axe.  I’ll probably just have 1 javelin though  with ICPR and conviction as musts with the other heals, the power reduction, and ICMR as nice to haves.


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