Google Wave – all invites sent out

So I mentioned it in twitter, but I’ll mention it here as well – I have 4 invites left for the first 4 who post a comment to this post.  Make sure you provide a valid email such that I can get you the invite.

Just an update, all my invites are used up.  If I get anymore I’ll re-post.


8 responses to “Google Wave – all invites sent out

  1. What is Google Wave? But consider this my entry.

  2. Its the wave, I am very interesting in learning more about this. Thanks in advance if you send me an invite.

  3. So Google Wave is their new “application” that’s supposed to combine blogging, email, IM, and probably a few other concepts in an interactive workflow. The idea being that multiple people can contribute and subscribe to “waves.” I’ve played around with it some and it has some neat features but I haven’t dug into it deep enough.

    And your invites are on their way…

  4. I’d like one 🙂

  5. Would appreciate a wave invite, thanks a lot,

  6. all invites used up – enjoy all

  7. Kindly send me an invitation
    Many thanks

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