Mirkwood Interview

So MMORPG.com had a chance to interview both Jeffrey Steefel and Aaron Campbell on the upcoming Siege of Mirkwood expansion.  I was pretty excited when I read the first 2 sentences regarding the interview and who was in it – but sadly this is a total fluff interview.  There’s absolutely nothing new and they’re still focusing on the same topics as before – Skirmishes, raids, combat, and legendaries.  The level cap isn’t mentioned at all nor anything on what new traits, skills, etc we’ll get with Mirkwood.

I don’t know which is more frustrating, Turbine not talking about this HUGE aspect of the game, or websites with interview opportunities not asking these questions.  I understand that Turbine might not want to talk about it, but at least in your article mention that there were certain ground-rules or something to the effect that you’re just not trying to spit out the same information we’ve seen countless times.

Here’s the article link – if you wish to read it.


One response to “Mirkwood Interview

  1. I share this concern. I’m not sure we’ll have any new class skills at all. Or development.

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