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New Class specific LOTRO lotteries…

So I figured these would be like the others and not all that exciting, but one of the items is a 2nd age class specific legendary item!  Not too shabby for just logging in on MyLotro.  And in logging I saw my little burglar farmer won one of the lowbie lotteries – hopefully he has enough slots to hold the stuff 😉

It seems like Turbine wants more traffic on the MyLOTRO sites, maybe they have something planned down the pipe?  Or maybe they just want more folks using it for a stress test…

Good luck!

Interesting Dragon Age Origins cross-promotion

Saw this over on MMORPG.com, but it appears that the box version pre-orders of Dragon Age include some goodies for Warhammer Online subscribers.  Included are the Skaven skin cloak and an Adventurer’s Handbook which provides a 10% experience bonus on the back of one of the marketing slicks.

Not that I’m a WAR player, but thought it was interesting – here’s the article.

What I wish others knew about Wardens

So I’ve tried to write my blog so far as a collection of thoughts and ideas for fellow wardens – this post will be for those grouped with us wardens.  This is both a what to do in a group (with a warden, and some are just good general practices) and what drives me batty.  I’ll start with a few general thoughts and then some class specific ones.

  • yes, we are tanks – and can be very good ones at that
    • but a quick check of traits isn’t a bad idea – traiting full spear line is not a good sign for tanking 😉
      • You should see the fist line (main threat line) or shield line (defensive and healing buffs)
  • There are some wardens out there who haven’t grouped much before even at 60, so you might be well served to check to see how much they’ve tanked
    • if they haven’t tanked much – if might be good to have either a champ or guard as backup
  • we don’t have a quick snap agro skill – so it will take a little longer to pull agro back to us
    • also, it takes us a little longer to get the initial agro – but once we have it, rarely do we lose it
  • It might not be bad to check out this post of mine to see our various skill icons and animations
    • Warden skills and icons
    • for example, If you see us crouching down – we’re getting ready to ambush, so let us pull
  • as with all tanks, it is usually better to let us do the pulling
    • granted, there are some cases where root pulls are best
  • decide on roles up front – we can interrupt, remove corruptions, and tank
    • but it is usually optimal to spread those duties out or at least have back-ups assigned
  • Picking (and actually assisting) a main assist for DPS really helps out
    • you should be doing this anyway
    • This will make a HUGE difference if you’re in a PUG.
      • make sure the display is enabled by the group leader
      • and that folks have it turned on in their UI options
  • In my opinion we make better main tanks then off-tanks
    • ward+guard or ward+champ is a LOT of fun 🙂
  • many of us (myself included) enjoy tanking lots of mobs, don’t worry we can handle it
  • we scream – seriously we’re very loud so you might want to turn down your combat sounds
    • best all time for me was 2 wardens, 2 captains, and a minnie in war-speech 😉

Class specific

  • Captains
    • For the tactics buff, I’d ask the warden.  I usually prefer parry (hardest avoidance to cap) or power for longer fights.
    • silence really sucks for us (can’t taunt, nor use gambits with taunts in them) – so Muster courage is greatly appreciated
    • please don’t use your snap agro skills on a mob we’re tanking – save them for the mobs beating on the squishies
      • it just makes it hard to tell if we lost agro or if it will be coming back to us
      • the only exception to this is when you plan to ping-pong agro (turtle fight for example)
  • Guards
    • put your protection on us and you’ll get our block/parry responses – and there will be quite a few
    • No sense in fighting for agro – decide up front and either tank or go into overpower mode
      • see the 3rd comment on captains
  • Champs
    • Use your Ire skills to transfer threat as needed
    • Communicate concerning interrupts as we can both do them well, but only one usually needs to
    • watch your initial DPS, but once we have good agro feel free to open up
    • champs and wardens are pure AoE fun!
    • see the 3rd comment on captains
  • Burgs
    • Enrage (I think that’s the skill) can be helpful to dump more agro to us
    • You can get a conjunction in even when we ambush – just get it off before our daze wears off
    • call out conjunction attempts as we do have some gambits with a chance to stun, which grant conj. immunity
    • Any debuffs are always welcome 😉
    • share the fun (sharing stealth) allows us to insta-ambush
  • Loremasters
    • wounds (disarms especially) and stuns suck – so help us out when you can
    • we’re very power hungry, so be ready
    • debuffs are your friend
  • Hunters
    • watch your initial DPS – once we lock agro you should be good to go, but don’t go all out at the start
    • keep an eye out for poisons
  • Minstrels
    • Be mindful of over-healing, as we do have a bunch of HoTs and our morale will constantly fluctuate
    • Call to Greatness gives us a nice defensive buff and threat bonus – good to use on start of boss fights
    • If we get low on power we might suggest you not heal such that we can get to 50% morale and regen power
  • RKs
    • Your HoTs are a nice pairing with ours
    • Using your “do not fall” skills are great for bosses with big nasty dots (thinking Forges here)
    • Watch overhealing
    • see 3rd note for Minnies

I’m sure there are things I’m forgetting, or that I don’t know as I haven’t played all the classes at high levels – feel free to comment or email anything I’ve left off.

I also re-found this link to the lorebook on a similar topic – warden entry.

New Mirkwood trailer up

Another trailer has been posted, this time from the Nazgul perspective.  Totally different feel from the Galadriel one but still very impressive.  I’m really getting excited for this content!

Oh, and I really want that mask!