Daily Archives: October 29, 2009

Fall Festival Fun

So I decided to have some fun and pick up some of the festival items and work towards the Jig on my warden – she has all the other dances, so figured I’d complete the set.  I didn’t go full out, but enough to get the pumpkin mask and the tavern quest chain.  Thanks to Goldenstar over at the Casual Stroll to Mordor for the excellent walkthroughs of the festival quests and also Tavern rep.  You can find them over here – Fall Festival and Other Festival Quests.  The tavern quest chain probably is one of my more favorite quests as the drunken graphics are pretty impressive.  I captured a video of the last stage of the pub crawl and posted it as well (and yes, that’s Jimmy Buffett as the background music, not planned but fitting).  I did it earlier in the day on my captain and was suffering from the Forochel Fog bug plus the drunken state – talk about hard to see!

I then figured I’d take a couple of snaps from the chairs outside of Bag End to wind down from my afternoon of intoxication.

Taking a break ScreenShot00101 ScreenShot00103

ScreenShot00104 ScreenShot00105 ScreenShot00106

Finally, I went on a hunt for the Black Rider terrorizing the Shire, but he slipped by me 😦

Random wanderings

So I was out trying to finish off some deeds – ok, I was stalling trying to avoid the Shire quest grind to build up Innocence on my captain ;), when I found an area of the Misty Mountains I never knew existed.  It is up on the Northern High Pass and basically is the path to the left of the camp up there.  I’ve ALWAYS gone to the right of the camp and down that hill, but today I went left and it is an amazing view as you wind behind the goblin camps there and to the back entrance to Goblin Town.  I took a couple snaps to share…

Start of the path

So this shot is right at the camp, those are the stairs to the right.

Looking down at the camp

1st person view looking down at the goblin camps.

Siege of Mirkwood background image

So the loading screen image we’ve all been drooling over is now downloadable, go grab it over at the LOTRO main site.  Image below links to it:


Mirkwood Desktop Image