Weekend catch-up on LOTRO forums

I have been pretty busy IRL, so I haven’t been in game too much.  This past week I managed to get a couple of instance runs in as well as polishing off a few of my traits, but nothing terribly exciting.  Another busy week coming up, but maybe I’ll get in some instance runs and/or raiding if I’m lucky.

However, I did want to highlight a couple of posts from the warden boards.

There’s been some new activity in the Dark Delving thread with regards to tanking the last boss – new stuff starts on page 2 – Last Boss, Dark Delving

And some good ideas for those looking to solo the drake bounty – Link.  I haven’t tried it in a while, but it certainly is doable with the right equipment and strategy.


2 responses to “Weekend catch-up on LOTRO forums

  1. i’ve spent the weekend tanking DD, we got to the stage where we could run it in 25 mins with zero deaths, start to finish, with the largest amount of time spent waiting for his shouts. sadly tho, i play on the EU forums, so i can’t post on the Turbine forums, thus, i’ll post our tactics here, instead of on the Turbine forums where they’d be more useful 🙂

    1. group was wdn, burg, cpt – all on Gurvand – rk and champ on adds, plus mini. champ used challenge to keep mini free of adds.
    2. we tank him in the middle, wdn keeps him turned away from the group.
    3. burg debuffs; wdn burg and cpt interrupt – but not as a priority. punts are good if yr positioned correctly, and as the damage buffs tick up, more punts are allowed to keep the wdn from getting one-shotted.
    4. *NO* shouts, unless necessary. shouts = Bleeding Ears buff = no time to hit boss. my gambit routines were: PB masteried, Conviction masteried, then interupt (Sp-Sh) or self-heal (Sh-Sp) moves hand built until masteries were off cd. sometimes i risked a semi-masteried Conviction (Sh, Fi, Sh-Fi, Sh). the fight start with masteried Conviction, before Gurvand aggros, then masteried PB when he turns red, at which point he’s mine.
    4. whenever Bleeding Ears is up, masteried Conviction, facing away from Gurvand.
    5. Yellow fs moves, and rk fire-traited: DoTs keepticking even thru Bleeding Ears. and yes, rk fire skills have inductions, so are slower, but damaging Gurvand during Bleeding Ears is too important to rely on lightning.

    and really, as long as a: yr tank is positioned well; b: you have some sort of debuffing on hand; and c: the mini is safe from adds, it’s pretty straightforward.

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