Daily Archives: October 15, 2009

Good warden tanking rotations

So I’m still missing this post on my blog, but saw the following on the LOTRO boards:

ToT discussion

I pretty much agree on most of the thoughts of the thread and some good discussion regarding single vs. multiple mob pulls.

Siege of Mirkwood Trailer in HD

So I’ve seen a few others post this, so I figured I’d link it as well.

Mirkwood Trailer in HD

Looks really good and I like the fact that they use all gameplay footage and not cinematics.  I also like the storyline they’re opening up here as I think this all ties into the concept that Sauron is building power and his forces are gaining/expanding their strength.  It all works very well with the skirmishes concept and gibes us a nice place in the story.

The more I see the more I’m getting excited for this ex-pack, although I will caveat that as we haven’t seen anything regarding the new skills or traits that have been tossed out.  I’m hoping we get some good things to grow our characters as we level to 65.