Warden Legacies and Runes

So I wanted to get this out there, but I’ll admit I’m not sure what the best format here is.  So I listed out all the legacies for both our main-hand weapons and javelins, then discussed how I perceive their value.  I also put a listing of the runes available and my thoughts on them at the bottom too.

Main-hand Weapons

For our spears, legacies pretty much fall into the following categories:


Piercing Strike, War Cry, Exultation of Battle, Spear of Virtue Threat


Recklessness Attack Duration

Mighty Blow, Surety of Death, Onslaught, Spear of Virtue Damage

Wages of Fear Positional Damage

Ambush Critical, Critical Strike, and Boar’s Rush Multiplier

Javelin Skills

Hampering Javelin Duration and Javelin Toss Range

Defensive Buffs

Wall of Steel Parry Rating

For the threat legacies – without EoB and War Cry threat I decon the item.  And I prefer to have at least 3 of the threat bonuses if possible.  Now there is some discussion on the boards that these might not be all that valuable but I’m hoping that’s a bug 🙂 (Warden threat legacy thread)

I don’t focus on DPS much for my warden (moors build is a whole other story, but not my expertise), and rarely run in Recklessness – so for me, none of those legacies are of high interest.  They’re pretty much gravy and not a deal breaker, but aside from Boar’s rush – I use all those skills routinely so the added damage is nice.  In general, +% damage legacies are better then crit multipliers

The javelin ones are pretty useless IMO, although hampering jav is handy for the moors.

The Wall of Steel parry rating is another good one as parry is the hardest evasion stat to max.


Power/Morale Boosts

Dark Before Dawn Power Restored

Heal bonuses for Conviction, Restoration, Celebration of Skill, and Safeguard Healing

Conservation ICPR / Determination ICMR

Resolution Resist Rating

Defensive Buffs

Shield Mastery Block and Dance of War Evade Rating

Shield Piercer Duration


Careful Step Duration, Reduced Induction For Ambush, Careful Step, Reduced To-Hit Movement Penalty for Javelin Skills, Forced March Max Power Penalty

So, for me the healing legacies are the key ones – conviction is a must and restoration is pretty close as well.  The others are good as I usually cycle through and have them all up at the same time.  The stance bonuses are nice to have, but scale horribly so I don’t put any more points in them.  I do use DbD quite a bit when soloing, so that legacy can be pretty handy.  I’m not sure the restoration resist rating makes much of a difference so I’m undecided on that one.

I’m not a big fan of the defensive buffs mainly because they scale horribly and for the most part we can cap those stats pretty easily.  However, I won’t be upset if I happen to have one of them.

None of the ones in the “others” category are ones I worry about.

Some good discussions on the following threads as well:

Feedback: Warden Legacies

Links to links 🙂

LI Legacies

Warden Legacies for Different Roles


For the most part, I think you’ll want to aim for at least tier 6 relics/settings.  I’ve bolded the main ones I go for.

Tier 6:
Gold Setting of Nimbleness: +5% partial evade mitigation, +220 ranged critical rating, +15 Agility
Gold Setting of Quickness: +5 partial parry mitigation, +220 melee critical rating, +15 Agility
Ruby Gem of Nobility: +84 ICPR, +5% incoming healing, +15 Fate
Ruby Gem of Respite: +84 ICPR, +5% incoming healing, +15 Will
Profound Rune of Action: -2.5% attack duration, -2% incoming melee damage, +125 morale
Profound Rune of the Swift Step: -2.5% attack duration, -2% incoming ranged damage, +125 power
Tier 7:
Platinum Setting of the Bulwark: +7.5% partial block mitigation, +5% devastate magnitude, +230 melee critical rating
Platinum Setting of Hardness: +15 Vitality, +15 Might, +15 Agility
Moonstone Gem of the Stars: +5% incoming healing, -2% incoming tactical damage, +90 ICPR
Moonstone Gem of the Sundering Sea: +15 Fate, +15 Will, +4% tactical damage
Deep Rune of the Mountains: +150 morale, +100 power, -2.5% attack duration
Deep Rune of the Forest: +150 power, +100 morale, -2.5% attack duration
Tier 8:

Ithildin Setting of the Biting Fly: +7.5% partial evade mitigation, +5% devastate magnitude, +230 ranged critical rating
Ithildin Setting of Reflex: +7.5% partial parry mitigation, +5% devastate magnitude, +230 melee critical rating
Adamant Gem of the Moon: +96 ICPR, +5% tactical damage, -2.5% incoming tactical damage
Adamant Gem of Dreams: +96 ICPR, +5% tactical damage, +230 tactical critical rating
Ancient Rune of Thunder: +150 morale, +150 power, -2.5% incoming melee damage
Ancient Rune of the Storm: +150 morale, +150 power, -2.5% incoming ranged damage


I prefer the Platinum Setting of Hardness, as partial mitigation values are already pretty high for us (~70% for me).  Again, I’m not too focused on damage but I could see how those could be enticing for some, they’re just not for me.


I like the Gem of the Stars best since it has the +5% incoming healing and the tactical damage reduction.  However, I can certainly see picking one of the tier 6 gems might be more desirable as they’re very similar – just trading tactical for fate/will.


So the Rune of Thunder I think most agree is the best for wardens, but can be rather hard to get.  So, I usually go for at least 1 tier 6 for the melee damage reduction and one of the tier 7’s for attack duration.

And a forum thread link here too:

Rune Discussion

4 responses to “Warden Legacies and Runes

  1. Nice breakdown. I agree with about 95% of the post. The other 5% is basically personal preference with legacy selection and importance.

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