Tolkien Professor

So I’m just about caught up on his podcasts and so far have really enjoyed them.  He’s starting with the Hobbit but will then move on to the LOTR books as well.  I’ve always enjoyed these stories and listening to somone else talk about them has brought out all sorts of new ways to understand and appreciate the works.  It also helps remind of bits I have forgotten, and quite often does tie into little nuggets you find in game.

One thing I was pretty excited about was that he announced he will be releasing his spring undergrad class via podcasts as well.  He’ll be covering a lot of Tolkien’s works including some short stories, the Silmarillion, the Hobbit, and LOTR.  I’m pretty excited about it as I’ve never read the Silmarillion and would love to have someone guiding me through it as I understand it can be a little tough.  Class starts in January! 🙂

I wish I could remember who blogged about this podcast recently, but thanks to whoever it was!

You can find the Tolkien Professor his Main site which has links to the podcasts, discussion forum, and lots more.


3 responses to “Tolkien Professor

  1. I was listening to him this morning, and had decided to make a post as well. Great minds think alike. I think I’ll just link to your post, save myself the work!

    Well worth listening to!


    • 🙂 what’s even stranger is I sent him an email note complementing on the podcasts and lamenting about not having a class like that in my undergrad. Then that day I listen to his announcement about putting his next class online 😉

  2. Excellent, I will definitely check this out.

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