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Figured I’d upload me solo-ing Dhit too

I was a little laggy so my gambits at times got a bit screwy.  But overall, pretty much my strategy for outlasting elites or elite masters.  I’m still trying to get used to using the fist masteries (added them not long ago) so you will see me using the builders more then I should.

Dev info on Book 9 Epic line

The thread is talking about the SoM expansion, but MoL’s post specifically talks about how skirmishes will work in conjunction with Book 9.  This part just sounds amazing to me as you can pick how you want to do it.  Previous books were usually a combination of solo and group quests such that you could quite easily get stuck at some point (as you’ll notice from my page showing where my toons are in the Epic line).  For Book 9, it will be the players’ choice how they want to finish – you can either do it solo, or join your friends via the skirmish system and do it as a group.  She mentions you can choose the size of the instance and uses the term raid, so it will be curious to see how that really works out.

Hopefully they will adopt this for all books going forward as this will just be perfect to allow everyone to experience the content and get the group experience they want.  And it would be awesome if they could do this retroactively too, she does give a teaser that this might be on their roadmap if things go well.

MoL post on instance size

MoL post on other epic quests

So the more I read and hear about the skirmish system, the more I get excited for the potential of it.  For me, it is shaping up that skirmishes alone would make a good expansion 🙂

Added another page

I posted a new page today with some info on my 3 main toons.  Also some snapshots and view of my gear…  Check out the My-Toons page or go here:

My Toons