Legendary Item Dev Diary

So this is up at Dev Diary and walks through the changes – overall I think I’m a fan so far.  Here’s a breakdown of what’s changing and my thoughts on them.

  1. All items can grow to Item Level 60
    1. Reforges at 10, 20, and 30 provide new legacies
    2. Reforges at 40, 50, and 60 provide legacy upgrades
    3. xp curve changed, 3rd ages are the easiest to level, 2nd and 1st require more item XP to level.
  2. bad legacies have been beefed up and the really crappy ones tossed
  3. New Scrolls
    1. Legacy tier upgrade
    2. Legacy exchange
      1. swap a legacy for a stat boost
    3. Item max level increase
    4. Legendary points refund
  4. Crafted relics in a new 4th slot
    1. made by all crafters of Supreme master rank
  5. Tier 9 relics
  6. Heritage rune changes
    1. Current runes have a max level of 60
      1. can’t be used on the new 61+ items
    2. Deconstructing a item level 60+ Moria 1st of 2nd age will produce both a Moria rune and a Mirkwood rune
      1. so that mirkwood rune will work on your 61+ items

For me, this is all sorts of pure win.

  • I’m curious about the legacy changes and how that will work out – but I’m optimistic.
  • As for the runes, I’m not one who has millions of item xp banked so it doesn’t bother me at all.  But I’m happy my decons will provide XP that I can use on my new items – that seems like a good system going forward.  The bounty runs and those runes will be good for relics and such.
  • The scrolls sound really cool, but I wonder where and how rare the drops will be.
  • With the way reforges work, you’ll know quicker if it is a worth-while item instead of getting a crap roll at level 50.
  • I’m glad they’ tied in crafting as well

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