Gambits (Part 2) Solo

I was out in Forochel today grinding out Worms for Zeal today and thought that a nice break would be to come back here and post some thoughts on gambits to use while soloing.

From my standpoint, usually when I’m out soloing I’m not really trying to get the optimal DPS rotation – so you won’t find that here ūüôā¬† There are a few posts on the LOTRO waden boards one ways to maximize waden DPS.

What I usually try to do is get through content quickly and safely and still maintain a challenge.¬† I will admit, I do at times “afk-fight” but for the most part I prefer to go in spurts.¬† So usually I’ll do a bunch, get to a safe point, and then break for a bit.

To make the description of gambits easier (and to help with names) I’ll use the following nomenclature – spear = 1, fist = 2, shield = 3.¬† This is how my keyboard’s mapped out, so just how I think ūüôā

So with that in mind, here’s usually what I end up doing.

  • I’ll usually start off with an ambush, they depending on what I’m doing ether run up for crit strike or use wages of fear and get in some jav attacks.¬† Really the distinction for me are someone feel, but a clear case where I for sure will run up is on mobs that are ranged or those annoying wargs in Moria that like to run away from you after slowing you.
  • I like to grab a bunch of mobs at a time (pretty good practice for most instances) so I’ll either use jav attacks to grab them or run around building my gambit to get them.
  • So assuming I have 4-5 ish mobs on me I start of with Exaltation of Battle (EoB – 21323) to get that leach tick going.
  • I’ll then toss out a desolation (23232) to get some nice DoTs and fears going.
  • Following up with the combination of Fierce resolve (213) and/or resolution (2132) depending on my health.
  • By now, if the mob I’m on isn’t at 1000 morale, I’ll put either Mighty blow (1321) or Surety of Death (2323) on it before moving on.¬† The idea is that all the ticks left on all those DoTs will kill it while I deal with the other mobs.¬† Plus they stay alive enough to get another leach or so off on them.
  • From here it partly depends on my health and how big my pull was.¬† I’ll toss a resolution out as needed and keep EoB/Fierce Resolve up as well.
  • Then I’ll cycle between the mobs and get DoTs on them to knock them below 1000.
  • When I get to under 3 mobs left I’ll stop using the leaches and switch over to the shield heal line if heals are needed.

Now this does change a bit on fights with single mobs (elites/EM’s – the troll Dhit for example):

  • Start off with ambush and usually follow with crit so I can guarantee to get wages of fear off.
  • Then I’ll get shield mastery up (3123)
  • Get DoTs up
    • Desolation (23232)
    • Surety of Death (2323)
    • Brink of Victory (232)
    • Mighty Blow (1321)
    • Power Attack (132)
  • Then depending on how hard I’m getting hit
    • either cycle up HoTs (31313, 3131, 313, 32323)
    • finish it off with Warden’s Triumph (12312) and onslaught (131)
  • Rinse and repeat…

Now one key thing for long fights is the concept of “Morale surfing” which refers to the concept of hovering around 50% morale such that you can rebuild your power pool using Darkness before Dawn (DbD).¬† If at any point I get low on power, I’d ease up on the HoTs and drop to a bit above 50% such that a hit or 2 as I build DbD I’ll drop below 50% and can use it.¬† I try to get at least 2 DbD’s up before re-applying all my HoTs back up and running.¬† Also, depending on my surroundings, I don’t mind surfing for the rest of the fight – but if I’m worried about roamers I’ll bump back up.

Couple other skills I forgot initially:

  • The fist cap-stone allows for Desolation to effect 6 targets
  • The legendary Defiant Challenge (disco challenge) has a nice damage reflection component that’s handy for lots of mobs
  • The legendary Javelin of Deadly Force is pretty nice for lots of mobs too – assuming you can line them up.
    • I will usually take a couple steps back to force mobs into a line such that they’ll all get hit.

One final thing, I realize this is all with level 60 gambits – however I’ve pretty much used this same methodology (except for morale surfing) all along.¬† The only difference is what length gambits you have available.

More later!


6 responses to “Gambits (Part 2) Solo

  1. Love the post, keep it up!

  2. Here here, good read. I’m loving these gambit articles thus far.

  3. I essentially do the same thing. Traits 5 fist and capstone for mob grinding. I think the main difference in what I do is I tend not to “moral surf” as Darkness before Dawn only really gives me a net power gain of 80-120 power, granted I only have +15% on my jav. And I rarely have power problems when farming anything below 6+ mobs. Other than that our approaches are very, very similar, even the 1,2,3 setup for the builders. ūüėÄ

    It’s good to see I am doing something right. Great posts.

  4. The Gambit posts are great, very helpful.

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