Non LOTRO news…

So I saw this post and got a little excited:

There’s a teaser about some work being done by the EA Mythic team on DAOC!  That was an awesome PvP experience and I’d love to see them do something to bring that current.  Lotta ideas tossed out in the interview, so we’ll just have to wait and see…


4 responses to “Non LOTRO news…

  1. If only Mythic had used more ideas from DAoC when designing WAR… The game is screaming for a 3rd faction.


  2. I didn’t play WAR as I wasn’t into the lore at all – but the other thing I think DAOC did really well was have good incentives for PvP – there were skills you could buy as you ranked and world-wide buffs that were linked to how well (or badly) your side was doing. The skills were usable anywhere (some content required them) and many were class defining.

  3. I played DAoC a lot, since beta until Trial of Atlantis. Best RvR ever, the decline for me started with the buffbots though; that killed it for me.

    I love Warhammer lore, just check my artblog 😛

  4. yeah, ToA was right around when I started – and I actually enjoyed it. The raids were pretty fun and the idea behind the relics were nifty. However, it certainly did change the feel of the game and I can understand why many feel it hurt the game. Buffbots were rough and yeah I quit once I realized that I couldn’t compete without a second account (which I did have for a while).

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