LOTRO Intro…

Just a few thoughts as I introduce myself, I play on the Silverlode server with 3 primary toons – Warden, Captain, and Minstral.  I’ve been playing since Closed Beta and was involved in the MoM beta as well.  I’d probably put myself somewhere in the hardcore category as all 3 of these are 60 with at least 5 of their radiance set pieces.  However due to my challenging schedule it is hard to get into raids sometimes as they usually prefer to run with a somewhat static group.  I have been lucky to find some good friends and good kins to run with such that I can raid (I do enjoy it) when I’m around.

Here’s a link to my MyLotro page if you’re curious about any of my toons and/or their setups – http://my.lotro.com/hudson7

I’m not sure I’m as excited for Mirkwood as I was for Moria but I’m still pretty excited about it.  I’ll probably go into more detail as things come out but it looks intriguing for sure.


2 responses to “LOTRO Intro…

  1. Hello there Doc, I found your blog following a link from The Middle-Earth Adventurer.

    I’m new to Lotro and I’m having a great time. One of the first classes I tried was the Warden and I took him to level 20. I love the mechanics but my memory is not very good. I got frustrated in Great Barrows, having difficulties to keep the agro.

    So I placed the Warden on the shelf and leveled a Captain and a Champ to mid 30’s (I’m an alt-holic) Love them both. Now I’m leveling a Guardian (my kin needs a tank) and I’m finding him -on his 20’s- very group friendly.

    I still want to give the Warden another go, so hopefully your blog will help me out understanding the class better.

    All the best and keep it up!

  2. welcome forjador! I do have on my list to talk about gambits, so maybe that will help as I agree that can be a daunting task when you first look at it. However I can honestly say (and my memory is HORRIBLE) you do learn them.

    And yes, GB can be challenging for a warden – especially if you’re in a PUG. That’s a rough area for any tank but wardens especially as we just don’t have nearly as many tricks available. I posted some comments on almazar’s blog (LOTRO Reporter) as he’s at a similar level with his warden. See if that helps you out.

    No matter what, enjoy your time in middle earth and find the toon that works best for you!

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