Copying a conversation from another blog…

So I responded to some questions almazar had over on his blog related to wardens in their 30s – check out the following for a little more info:


3 responses to “Copying a conversation from another blog…

  1. Always good to see a new LOTRO blog, and very nice to see one focused on one class.
    I have a mid-30’s Warden, so will be following this blog with interest.

    If you’ve not already done it then I recommend getting yourself added to the LOTRO Combo blog –

  2. Thanks for the comments, and I just sent a note to the combo blog as I use that on my rss reader too 🙂

    I will try to keep things applicable to all levels, but will admit I did level pretty quick…

  3. I just read the entry in Lotro Reporter and it was a good read indeed 🙂

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